Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wamp! Wamp! What It Do...?

My first favorite Versus in the whole wide world is the one on my TV that shows the NHL playoffs (and the occassional PBR nutjobs on the back of a bull). My 2nd favorite versus are the ones that inovlve "mashing up" one band with another for our listening enjoyment. The Hood Internet is home to the likes of DJ STV SLV and ABX, individuals who like to put today's popular rap to the musical accompanyment of today's hottest indie-rock. My personal favorite has to be ABX's Clipse Your Hands Say Wamp Wamp (self explantory), followed closely by R. Kelly's I'm a Flirt, featuring Broken Social Scene. If only I had found this site before last Friday. Thanks to Gorilla vs. Bear (IRONY) for its digi-guiding light.

Clipse Your Hands Say Wamp Wamp.mp3

I'm a Flirt.mp3

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