Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Flava in Ya Ear!

Earlier today whilst on a pee break at work, I occupied the lone urinal hidden to the left of two open stalls. I heard someone approach from behind and made an attempt to save that person the awkwardness of getting within a foot of my wang and I before realizing the urinal was taken. I did this by coughing and flushing but to no avail. The shadowy mystery man stepped behind me, caught himself and gave the barely audible "oh" before ducking into the furthest stall. Hearing the gentleman taking a hearty number one to my right, I took my time in shaking, zipping up, flushing, washing and drying my hands. If this person were taking a number two, which is just wrong, I would have continued to cough, wash, and dry to mask the poo'ing sounds and exited the bathroom as quickly as possible. As I crumpled up my paper towel and used it to open the bathroom door (can't be too careful) I heard the guy in the stall fart multiple times and it sounded exactly like the opening to "Brass Monkey."

Beastie Boys - Brass Monkey

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Maura said...

things are much different in girl world... i mean first off why are there stalls in your bathroom? isn't awkwardness like this in boy world avoided by the use of urinals? also i think pooping in public in girls bathrooms is much more natural because we're already sitting down, in all occasions... maybe it's just me. i poop a lot apparently.

who are you why am i commenting on your blog??