Monday, November 10, 2008

I Wanna Suck a Happy Birthday, Dan...

Another year... another Pho Hoa b-day for Dan. And once again, TimTray steals the show.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

1980 All Over Again...

What follows is a digital photo diary of the day that was Oct. 31st, 2008. The day of the World Series Championship parade for YOUR Philadelphia Phillies. To view the images, please click READ MORE.

Over 500 people on the platform of Yardley's station, waiting for an R3 West Trenton train that would never come.

The EL from Spring Garden to City Hall.

Top: South Street facing Broad. Bottom: Morris and Broad.

I count 2 in this tree on South and Broad. How many do you see...?

The scene at the South Philly Tap Room on Mifflin.

The day was a perfect storm of sorts, with a parade and Halloween falling on the 31st. Here: Reptile and Sub-Zero. Finish Him.

A haircut for the ages, found at a benefit for Wesley Major on Saturday the 1st.

Broad and Oregon, Sunday before the Flyers game.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Getting You Ready for Christmas: Really F'in Early Edition

Blame it on Tim Burton, for making that ridiculous "Nightmare Before Christmas" movie, pitting two holidays that have no business being in the same movie together... in the same movie together. Blame it on the Phillies for winning the World Series. Or their Manager, Charlie "O' Come O' Come E" Manuel, who's line, "Christmas came early, let's go" plays before most of 97.5's station identifications. Whoever you blame it on, Christmas is here... at least in aural form.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting You Ready for Halloween '08: Part 1.

When I think of Halloween, I think of growing up. When I think of growing up, I think of Nickelodeon. When I think of Nickelodeon, growing up, and Halloween... I think of this Pete and Pete Halloween short.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Does This Look Familiar...?

After last night's check swing-strike/ball-walk/appeal-to-first-base what have you... I couldn't help but think of this. After the jump, more clips that make me think the Naked Gun might be the funniest sports movie of all time. Eat it, Caddyshack.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Schwam Says...

On the eve of another Philadelphia Flyers Hockey season, I was thinking about how much "people" hate hockey. And by people... I mean ordinary people. People that don't miss NHL 2nite on ESPN. People that don't fawn over the Vs. schedule during the playoffs when they see an east-coast game scheduled for the 7pm time slot followed by a west-coast game at 10pm. These people don't agree with you that "Mites on Ice" should be a professional sport. But what if they did? What if hockey was as popular as American Football and received that type of attention? Pardon me for a minute whilst I wax as Andy Rooney. Didja ever wonder why Steve Sabol of NFL Films never created NHL Films? Why he didn't hire Harry Kalas to do dramatic voice overs of slow motion hockey hi-lights while that "drunken sailor" song played in the background? Why there isn't NHL Countdown hosted by Chris Berman, where he gives all players catchy nicknames? Well I have, and after the JUMP, I take on the roll of the Schwam and give nick-names to all your favorite Flyers Players.

1. Jeff "Welcome Back" Carter.
2. Steve "Robert" Downie "Jr."
3. Scottie "Let's go out in Olde City and get fucked" Upshall.
4. Mike "Michael" Richards. (just think, he could exit the penalty box different each time)
5. Arron "If you guys are smoking cigarettes in here, you better have somewhere to" Asham.
6. Mike "The whole kit n'... " Knuble.
7. Danny "Here, there, ev-" Briere.
8. Riley "Can I take your hat and" Cote.
9. Joffrey "Loop de" Lupul
10. Jared "I got it at" Ross.
11. Simon "Back back back" Gagne.
12. Scott "Let my love open the door to your " Hartnell.

1. Randy "Me and Mrs... Mrs." Jones.
2. Kimmo "Therapy" Timmonen.
3. Lasse "Coo-Coo for "Kukkonen.
4. Ossi "I live in a" Vaananen. (down by the river)
5. Luca "The Irish..." Sisba. (ironic) or Luca "I live on the 2nd floor, I live upstairs from you" Sisba.
6. Steve "Emin" Eminger.
7. Ryan "Don't call me Bernie" Parent.
8. Braydon "My hair" Coburn.

1. Marty "Beef and" Biron.
2. Antero "Melick-a" Nittymaki (is the thing to say, on a bright Hawaiin x-mas day).

Honorable Mention: (he didn't make the team, but I've been waiting to use this one...)
Andreas "Cup O'..." Nodl.

thanks to ha-mace for the really stupid ones

Friday, October 10, 2008

By the Power of Grayskull...

Man-Ram... able to will entire baseball teams into the playoffs (according to Joe Buck).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good Bye-ler!

Tyler Mintz is leaving his cushy job at Charming Shoppes to go back to school. Here is our fond farewell to Tyler and we wish him luck. Here are some digix3 highlights featuring Tyler: FlipCup and Cake, Hairy, X-mas Spirit, Special Comment, I'm old, Eat at Joe's, My camera-man.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sisk.. Boom... Blah.

So my digi-camera is broken. Somehow the LCD screen cracked and is now useless. Which means yours truly will have to guess if people or objects are in the frame. It also means that by a sheer miracle, I can remember the key presses to turn off the flash, but going manual? Forget it. Another problem is I downloaded and imported the photos that were on the sucker and didn't ask my comp to delete the originals. Now I can't clear the whole card, just any future pics I download and import. Using the tiny view screen is completely out of the question. The Photo aspect of digi has taken a serious blow my friends. Enjoy this video of Labor Day fireworks in Yardley. Note towards the end that the picture shifts a bit high, cutting off most of the image. That's me, guess-timating that I'm getting the whole thing, in the dark, with a sack of Kettlecorn in my lap. FACK!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vote With Yo' Mouf'...

digidigidigi does not promote one candidate over another in this fall's election for the office of President of the United States. digi is keeping an even keel about the upcoming election. digi is trying to remain level-headed when it comes to putting works on his blog that may influence a user one way or the other. That is why I ask you not to dismiss this particular post because it depicts Obama cookies and not John Mccain cookies. You see, the family that provided said dessert purchased Obama because they are going to vote for him. Supposedly, the bakery that produced these delicious cookie-dates has a psuedo-election going on themselves, one that Obama (in cookie form) is winning. Once again, thank you for visiting... and remember to vote with your mouth.

Monday, September 8, 2008


My Morning Sweater...

About the only thing you can count on when stepping up to the bar at Cavanaugh's River Deck is that eventually, someone is going to get stabbed. Everything else is left up to chance. Like your co-workers deciding to attend the work related happy hour long after the beer and appetizer specials have expired, and you, who attended the thing on time... out of sheer boredom and in their absence, decide to scan the crowd for interesting characters. You have the lady with the eye patch over here, and the man with three legs over there, various spikey haircuts and clubbin' shirts, sluts and whores... your basic clientelle, and then you see him. He's six five and very fit. He's got blond hair and aside from the noticeable scar on his face (hockey related), he doesn't belong here. He's Jeff Carter... center for your favorite sports team, the Philadelphia Flyers. What do you do next? You click AFTER the JUMP...

I've never really approached anyone famous and asked them to take a picture with me. I was sheepish and caught Jeff in the middle of purchasing a beverage. "Can I... can I get a pic with you?" I said. "Sure, just let me get this drink," he replied. So I waited, only to have a man step between Jeff and I. He had brown spiked hair. I've seen this hair before in various interviews and pre-game skates. That hair belongs to Scottie Upshall... and he needs refreshment.

So I extend my hand when Jeff Carter finally faces me, and we shake over a compliment: "Congrats on your new contract." As he placed his other hand on my back (stop thinking gay thoughts readers), I thought, what I wouldn't give for a library backdrop to fall behind us. Or NO! A laser fight. Maybe a autumn countryside, with a fence post prop for us to lean upon. Anyway... clicky clicky, the picture turns out great and I make my way back down river to the bar.

From afar, I notice a third Flyer joins the fold. He has a baseball cap turned around backwards like, I don't know... its a switch... a power switch... that gives him strength when he spins it around. His long curly locks fell onto his broad shoulders. Oh forget this.. it was Riley Cote. So all told, Jeff Carter, Riley Cote, and Scottie Upshall were at the Riverdeck. When I sadly left them, to attend the My Morning Jacket concert nextdoor at the Festival Pier... I had the strange feeling that I'd seem them again. And I did! When they attended the concert as well in their own V.I.P. tent. All told there were five hockey players in attendance, including Phantoms goalie coach Neil Little (former Phantoms goalie) and newly acquired defensman Danny Syrvet (who we received from Edmonton for Ryan Potulny).

Note: no Flyers were stabbed in the making of this post.

Another chapter ends...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where Shawn Andrews Now? Gone Baby Gone.

I'm excited but also disappointed to say that "Where Sean Andrews Now?" is completely sold out. I'm currently in contact with my publisher to get a reprinting, so if you missed out on the first lot, please be patient. Check back here daily.

Orig. story @ the Phunyun.

Monday, August 4, 2008

My Friends Have Too Much Time on Their Hands

Random hook-ups, creepy you-tube videos, writing for spoof websites that get hot linked in the 700 level... what's are my friends thinking?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Electronically Speaking...

When that big nuke in the sky finally blows up, and all our credit cards and electrical devices and such are rendered useless, who will we turn to? The Amish will inherit the earth. You heard it here first.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Black With A Vengeance...

Game 4 commences tonight in South Philly... the Flyers lead series 2 games to 1.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Super Street Fighter II: Pa-Primary Showdown Turbo Edition.

In searching for a metaphor that best describes the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination betwixt Hillary Clinton and B'Rock Obama, I couldn't find anything that could describe how vicious, dirty, drawn out, embarrassing, comical, and unecessary it all was. But then I remembered something from my movie past... and it all made sense. Could the outcome of what waits you after the JUMP help to predict the winner of the Pa Primary, and perhaps who will become the next President? Whoever the victor may be once all the votes are tallied, I hope they run this country as if they were "all out of bubble-gum."

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Weirdest Way...

I could ever remind you to vote in the Pa-Primary tomorrow.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

You and Mii and a Party Makes 3 Tonight...

Part 3 of Super Martio Party 28 is here. Flip Cup, Excite truck, bad shirts, drinking and bowling await you... After the JUMP.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mii...

Part Two of Super Martio Party is here. Click after the JUMP for more pics and movies. Oh... and by the way. NICE SPARE.

Ana does a Joe Manning impersonation. Kyle holds court with Dan, Squeex, Rachel, and Kirk. Jessie tries her hand at Wii-bowling for the first time.

I'm popular, the swing is popular and Chad is DEFINITELY popular.

Due to a severe lack of pong balls, and a four person elimination wii-bowling tournament, many people preoccupied themselves by flipping TEH CUPS!!! Those include Kyle, Jim, Cam, Dan, Chad, Ana, Kathy, Tyler, Me and Mii.

What's inside and has to thumbs...? ERIN! Along with Meg, Julie, Wes and the stocked spice rack. Tyler and Jessie are swingers.

I call this montage, "Where the Cold Things Are..." A northwesterly wind came over the party, causing those that weren't dressed for the occasion to scurry inside and watch the Phillies.

My main bitch with her best bitch. Her best bitch with her main bitch. Her best bitch with her main bitch and two other best bitches. Or.... Rach, Meg, Meg and Barry, Meg, Me, Erin and Julie. Thank you ALL for coming.

More pictures and movies are coming. I swears!

Super Martio Party 28!!!

On Saturday, April 12th 2008... a party was held in the town of Boothwyn with the theme of Super Mario Bros. The party was expertly planned and executed by the lovely Rachel, who took care of prizes and decorations and anything else you could think of that carries the Mario image. What follows over the next few days are posts bursting at the seams with photos, videos, and video game goodness. For a tour of Teh Mushroom Kingdam, check after the JUMP.

The reason for all this nonsense was my birth, 28 years and four days sooner. What better way to stave off old age than have everyone act like they're 4. Let me introduce you to an Audio/Visual wet dream.

The projector screen was more than six feet tall, a loaner from my grandfather. The projector came from a close friend who will remain nameless to protect his reputation. It took a long time to get right and at this point in the day, the whole projected gaming was still not a guarantee of working. Only when the sun went down did I know if I could pull the whole thing off.

Thirsty? Drinks included Three Olive Voldka, Absolut Pear, Captain Mo', and a whole keg of Pabst. People came bearing gift drinks of Guiness, Stella, Harp and everyone's local fave Lager.

Everything from the prizes to the plates were colorful and remeniscient of the Mario world. All of the bags had a different character on the front, while Mario and Luigi adorn the special gift bags of yours truly and the lovely Rachel (the hostess).

Gift bag prizes included Gummy Nintendo characters, mini-mario statue imports, goomba keychains and cry baby tears bubble gum.

Finally, the guests arrive and the games begin. Here is a large showing of the NES classic, "Ice Hockey."

Here's a taste of Wii-bowling projected on the big screen. More tomorrow.