Monday, July 30, 2007

Never too old... 4 BUBBLES!!!

For kids... from one to ninety twooooooo. I'm old and they're old. He's young... but that didn't stop us from all universally enjoying bubbles. After the JUMP, more rainbowy, soapy and floaty goodness. POP!

Young Dan taking his turn. Old Martin showing his form, and coming to the realization that his goatee looks like the rogue squadron symbol from star wars.

Can you see them?

Man, he really likes bubbles.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Whilst You Were Away...

Not only did DAN babysit my car and keep it from danger during my vacation in Wisc, but he also picked me up from the airport when I returned. Not only did DAN pick me up from the airport when I returned, but he also put gas in my car and filled the leaky tire with air. Not only did DAN put gas in my car and filled my leaky tire with air, but he also built me this cute lil' digi digi digi (got green, waiting on red and blue) guy out of perlor beads. Now, the girls in the audience are saying, "I used to create all sorts of mythical creatures with perlor beads when I was young." Well, your time is over... and we nerds have taken the perlor bead thing and adopted it. And I'm pretty sure we're gonna feed it, clothe it, and raise it in our image.


It is 2 am and the bars are shutting down. You're not thirsty... but you ARE hungry. There's a voice... deep in the recesses of your head and it utters "Cheeeeese steak." Must've been the wind. "CHEEEEEEEEEESE STEAK..." this time, a little louder. And you're thinking, what the hell am I gonna eat at 2 am. "Listen you douche bag, this is the voice in the recesses of your head... and I want you... you drunken idiot... to go somewhere, preferrably Jim's Steaks... and get me a CHEESESTEAK." So you coerce a friend, a sober friend, to drive you somewhere. Somewhere close (springfield) where you can get a quality cheesesteak without being forced to speak English. Cause lord knows, you're drunk... you're tired... you're hungry... and you want to go a place where a) Everybody knows your name b) and they're always glad you came c) you can just point to a picture of a cheese steak and say "Gnannnanaaaaaaahhhhh..." and they'll know what you want. A few pics and a video of "where cheesesteaks come from" after the JUMP.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

MC Rove Gets Dissed... YO!

Why you all in his grill... what with your subpoena and shiiii....? Karl Rove is the king of spin... he coud make the world (and Mel Gibson) believe that Hitler's march across Europe and the "Holla"caust were just a coincidence. He's the one that made all you idiots re-elect Bush. I made this awhile ago... and I've been waiting oh so long for a reason to post it. Click on DOA Rove for an animation and look after the jump for a youtube treasure. PAAAYCE!

To Fast Readers Go the Spoils...

On Saturday, July 21st at 12:30 am, Rachel and I embarked on a great journey into center city. Our motive? To secure the final instalment of J.K. Rowling's epic Harry Potter series, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." Our destination? The Borders on the corner of Broad and Chestnut. Yes, people dressed up. Yes, people discussed who R.A.B. was. Yes people surmised "who was gerna get kilt" and why. We're nerds. Deal with it. After the jump, photo proof of Potter dedication, of being inside Borders LOOOONG after it should have been closed, and of Pottermania forcing fans to sit outside the store and read it immediately.

Rachel reserved two copies of the book so that we could each read simultaneously. It was a stroke of genius, due to the fact I barely could contain myself after the last book launch. I had bought a copy of the previous book, "Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince", at Super Fresh where I was receiving manager. As a sign of my love and affection, I let her read it first. She takes her time... and I nearly died.

I started re-reading "The Half Blood Prince" on Tuesday the 17th. I completed it on Saturday night, around 8 o'clock. Rach had started it that morning and her collective "ooohs" and "aaaahs" made me hit the gas pedal on my own literary journey. I couldn't believe how much I had forgotten since reading it the first time and it made the last book much more enjoyable. At 10pm on Saturday, I started Deathly Hallows. I finished it on Monday, late... having read 283 pages in one night alone. I was worried that someone would ruin it for me, maybe by accident... maybe on purpose. The very next day, someone mentioned a significant death from the book to me. And I scoffed... I scoffed at her and at her niece for blabbering. For I had known! I'm also quite suprised at how quiet everyone is being about the book. No major spoilers. No plot reveals on blog websites. Some might say its luck. I say... magic.

The book was great. I was not extremely ga-ga about its climax, but the "19 years later" conclusion made my day. Expect a full review somewhere down the line.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Put on my Wizard Hat...

Make yer own here And tell them bloodninja sent'cha.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sir Pee-lar Mc'Squiggles

I and my fellow chaps went on holiday from work around noon a fortnight ago. We took out our cucumber sandwiches and brie and settled down to a sturdy table on the charming shoppes grounds. Little did we know that a special visitor would join us for a nibble. Yes, Sir Pee-lar Mc'Squiggles dropped in on us, quite literally from a tree above our spread. He found a home on young Michael's sleeve and eventually made his way to our table, squiggling this way and a'non. I felt sad leaving him, surely relinquishing him to a fate of becoming living "bird food" or falling prey to some other sort of misery. But lo and behold... he returned the next day. We shan't be breaking bread outdoors in quite some time, due to the heat of summer, but maybe... just maybe... when we do, Sir Pee-lar will be there to join us once again. Tally Ho'. One more shot of our friend after the JUMP.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How (in)Convenient...

Thanks for everyone's input. This took awhile. On a side note, when I say Gore... you say truth, prescription, run, and INTERNETS.

Monday, July 9, 2007


He made it to the party. He enjoyed himself. He had lots of cookies and desserts. He did it. 90. Happy B-day, Pop-Pop.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Thursday, July 5, 2007


On June 23, I departed from Philly Intn'l on a flight to Milwaukee. We spent a few days in Kenosha, Wisc and I ended up taking 400 plus photos on my Canon digital camera. After downloading them all to my Iphoto Library, I noticed a pattern forming. Certain images, when paired with others seemed to spell out some sort of secret code... some important message that the world must know. I got the images together and in the correct order, and now I'm counting on you to sort things out. I'm counting on you. Hurrah!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007