Saturday, September 29, 2007

He's here...

For two more pictures and movies of my 2nd nephew, click on READ MORE below. Baby and mother are both well.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

That's Muh Boy...

I told you before but you probably weren't listening. Steve Downie is the best thing to happen to Philadelphia since cheese-steaks. He is the next Darcy Tucker, a player you hate but also hate to play against. He might not make the team this season, but when he does... he will be the most popular and controversial Flyer since Bobby Clarke. Ironic that Clarke is Downie's idol. After the JUMP, a fight Downie had last Saturday.

He's 5'11 and completely fearless. Hugh Jessiman, a Ranger's prospect is 6'6, 226 lbs. As Kevin my co-worker put it, "Yeah... knuckle sandwich."

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Scribbles update FTW.

Last of the MerrJacksons..

I am a pop-culture god. The minute I saw this commercial from Nike I made the pop-culturey connection that the music playing in the background was from "Last of the Mohicans." The final scene from the film starring Daniel Day Lewis can be found after the JUMP, with music close behind.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Timing is Everything...

and Donovan has a poor sense of it, both on the field and off. Perhaps if a few of his errant passes had found their mark on Monday and the Eagles didn't fall to 0-2, this "media bombshell" about racism in the NFL wouldn't have had such an impact. I've been listening to alot of sports talk radio to and from work for whatever reason. This morning, a caller on 950 AM went off on this issue and was so vehement and passionate about it that I'm convinced Donovan is way off base here. I can only speak for myself and perhaps the fans of Philadelphia when I say that no matter what color you are, if you end the drought of championships in this fair city, you will be a god. Period. I've dealt with all the supporters of McNabb over the years and listened to their excuses as to why he hasn't won the Super Bowl yet, but race can't be one of them. When you stink, we hate you and when you're great we love you. There's no way else to put it. Philly has a sort of simplicity and innocence in that respect. And people thought T.O. was crazy.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Get Red...

I've been distracted from the 9-11 updates by the artwork creation for my personal website's splash page. Here's a taste. For two more click after the JUMP.

This is a close up detail of the fire-arm red is holding. Its based off a photograph of a friend's pellet gun, a prop I might have to steal from him due to how well this turned out. The problem with illustrator is that you can get highly detailed images at large scale, but when shrunk the images tend to get chunky. The more detail, the more muck you have to pick through to see what you can keep and what you have to get rid of.

This is the end result of the "human sacrifice" ritual I had to perform on the gun. But to tell you the truth, I like it alot better than the detailed one. Its got this chunky iconic Frank Miller feel to it. It lost a lot, but gained alot in the long run. More than likely, I might keep the rest of the development under wraps till the site is up. I know I know... all TWO of you are disappointed.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chad sings like Poiiisonnnnn...

My co-worker might have THEE worst singing voice ever.

Mifflin St...

For a slightly more angular view, JUMP.

Where Were You...?

This is the final cover art for my coloring book. Visually, it was a play off of the Weekly World News reports that there were "faces" in the explosion of one of the airplanes when it hit the tower. The two characters you should recognize are Osama Bin Laden and George Bush. The third character is fictitious and named "Joe Go-Getter." As we get into the story you will find out more about his role in this narrative. After the jump is a re-telling of my personal experience on 9/11.

I had an early art history class at the University of the Arts during the fall semester of 2001. I was up at 6:00 am on September 11th of that year, and caught a train at seven thirty seven. Nothing seemed different about the day, a sentiment I'm sure many would share. I can't for the life of me remember what art or artist we were focusing on that particular morning. The room was dim because the teacher used a slide projector, personally a huge problem due to the fact I slept barely 4 hours a night during my tenure in college. I kept nodding off, begging for the clock to move faster and get me to that first morning break. The break came, some time around 9:30, maybe... and I had a Butterfinger and can of Coke. If my mother was reading this now, she'd probably kill me. We were raised to not eat such things for breakfast, let alone lunch, but I was in my self destructive college mode. There'd be days where I'd eat nothing but a dollar bag of Animal Crackers and a ninety nine scent Figi water from the local Rite Aid.

I went up to the twelth floor, where the computer labs and Multimedia mail boxes were housed. It was here that I ran into another student in the same major, who had used the break to check her email. She was scatterbrain... frazzled might be a better word. "Did you hear what happened?" I had not. "Well, a helicopter crashed into the capitol building." Nothing could have been further from the truth and it didn't even have the slightest hint of sinister behavior to it. Another student called out, "Yeah and a plane hit a building in New York." More and more passersby chimed in with more ridiculous claims. I took out my cell phone and dialed my house number to get a definitive answer from my parents. The general consensus was that the World Trade Center had been hit by two planes as the cell phone rang and rang and rang. Finally, my mother picked up and I asked, "What's going on?" She confirmed the stories that were swirling around me and followed it with "I think you should come home."

My art history class had started back up without me, and as I entered the room I can recall the teacher saying something about my tardiness. I wasn't paying much attention. I picked up my bag and notebook, turned and exited the class... feeling 30 sets of eyes follow me on my way out. They'd know soon enough. I was out the front door of the building and a block from my school on the way to Surbuban Station. The street was quiet. It wasn't till I was a block from City Hall that I saw anyone panic. A woman pushed her way out of an office building nearby and immediately looked up at the sky, as if the next attack would be hitting HER building. Then ahead of me, more people began to spill out of their respective office buildings and ran. When I reached the tracks at Suburban, the quiet morning had turned into hell. People were running this way and that way, bumping into eachother, spilling their things, cursing and fighting. I've never seen that particular station more crowded. My train, the R2 to Marcus Hook wasn't coming for another ten minutes, so I had a seat. I think I was the only one to actually use the seats on the platform, because everyone else was piling into the nearest train.

Panic is an awful thing, and it brings out the worst in people. The train closest to me had been full for about 10 minutes now, but people were still trying to pile on. Passengers had started to climb into the baggage racks overhead. This particular train was so full of people I swore it would burst its windows. And that's when the horrible announcement came. All trains running on Amtrak lines had been cancelled for fear of another attack. One after another after another, these trains filled to the brim with passengers were shut down. Whatever insanity that had taken place during this evacuation seemed to pale in comparison to what followed. The cancelled trains emptied their contents back out onto the platform. Grown men were crying. Fist fights were breaking out all around me. And I thought, "I'm going to die in this place."

The majority of trains had been cancelled, leaving a select few as options to leave the city. There was still hope. You might be thinking that I over reacted and that I could have just spent the night in the city somewhere. But the people around me were positive that the world up above had ceased to exist and that any building with more than two floors was a target for terrosit attack. In their minds, no one was safe... and I was beginning to believe them. The R3 Media/Elwyn train was my best bet for getting home that day. I could call my Dad once we got above ground again on the train and tell him to pick me up there, because my car was still at Marcus Hook. I got in line behind the hundreds of people that had just emptied from the most recently cancelled trains. Within seconds, the train was filled. I was still behind at least two hunderd or so people. That panic that had affected all those other people began to set in to me. More people started breaking down in front of me, seeing that the train was full. I remember seeing a mother and child crying in front of me. I turned around and went back to my seat, admitting defeat. And that's when salvation came, in the form of five more Septa cars reversing their way down the track and connecting to the R3 Medial/Elwyn. I don't know what the record is for the longest train in Septa's history... but the one that took me home on September 11th, 2001 must have been in the top 10.

Every seat was taken in my rail car, but no one had to stand in the aisles. Once the train went above ground, I called home again to relay my need for a ride home. My father answered this time and the conversation was brief and to the point. I put on my head phones and listened to news on the attacks the entire trip. Misinformation and faulty claims turned into facts and figures, thankfully. I listened to one of the towers collapse in real time on that ride, and saw the replay after I got home. As I sat there watching the news coverage, a strange thought entered my mind. "I wonder how long it will be before I get over this." I was exhausted both physically and mentally so I went up to bed. When I woke, it was dark and quiet. My parents' house is directly in line with one of Philadelphia International Airport's landing paths. On any given day, you'll hear 100 planes fly overhead, but not that night. The commercial railroad track a block away was still. There wasn't a car on the road. It was TOO quiet. A few of my friends stopped over and we sat on my back porch discussing the day's events. There was talk of revenge and war, with none of us knowing what the future held. What if there was a draft? What if they attack again? All these crazy things that you'd never think we'd think of were being tossed around. It was obvious... that things had changed.

Tomorrow: the beginning of the coloring book and "getting back to normal."

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

6 Years ago...

Starting tomorrow and each day thereafter... I will feature bits and pieces of the coloring book I made back in 2001. As for today... well...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Donkey Bong-o!!!

If you own a gamecube or Wii... buy this game. Buy it now. Go to a Gamestop, where they are practically giving the things away. Want to know an amazing score? Donkey Kong Jungle Beat... game and bongos PLUS an extra set of bongos = $14.99. And that was months ago. Finally, a game for the Matthew McConaughey in you.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


The Klaxons were playing Transit Nightclub on Spring Garden awhile back but due to my fear of clubs and horrible websites ... I missed it. So they're back and playing the TLA/Sillymore and for the low low price of 15 smack-a-roons. Not bad... until TicketMaster does its magic pimp cane point and twirl... and POOF. I understand that allowing me to use the Inter-web to gain admittance to this show is CONVENIENT, but to charge me 5 dollars a PIECE for that convenience is not very... I've said the word enough. To add insult to injury, they charge you another 5 dollars for a "processing fee." FUCK YOU TICKETMASTER. I beg the visitors of my site (yes, all four of you) to never use them, ever... ever... again.