Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Timing is Everything...

and Donovan has a poor sense of it, both on the field and off. Perhaps if a few of his errant passes had found their mark on Monday and the Eagles didn't fall to 0-2, this "media bombshell" about racism in the NFL wouldn't have had such an impact. I've been listening to alot of sports talk radio to and from work for whatever reason. This morning, a caller on 950 AM went off on this issue and was so vehement and passionate about it that I'm convinced Donovan is way off base here. I can only speak for myself and perhaps the fans of Philadelphia when I say that no matter what color you are, if you end the drought of championships in this fair city, you will be a god. Period. I've dealt with all the supporters of McNabb over the years and listened to their excuses as to why he hasn't won the Super Bowl yet, but race can't be one of them. When you stink, we hate you and when you're great we love you. There's no way else to put it. Philly has a sort of simplicity and innocence in that respect. And people thought T.O. was crazy.

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Joe Manning said...

FIrst of all - McNabb didn't time the broadcast of this interview. It was recorded over the summer, and HBO decided to air it this week. The fact that they are 0-2 sucks, but Donovan had no say in when the special aired.

As far as his timing on the field - the problem is as same as (too many) other years: he's hurt. It seems clear that he is nowhere near recovered from his ACL surgery, and he's really not ready to play. Now, that is certainly not an acceptable excuse; if you aren't healthy enough to play effictively - time for A.J. Feely to step in.

I'm not sure what to think - I'm really really hoping that the entire offense can get their shit together - soon.