Wednesday, June 20, 2007

You TRULY Are the Man Now, Dog...

Even though jokes on YTMND take FOREVER TO LOAD, this might be the funniest thing I've ever seen (or heard). Everybody DOWN!

Monday, June 18, 2007


Sometimes posts don't need headers.

Friday, June 15, 2007

We're Grad You Came...

They did it! They gradumicated from Temple University... and before entering that Real World, they decided to celebrate at the South Philly Tap Room. I can't plug this place enough. ConGRADuations to Rachel and Shelly. A bajillion more pics are found after the JUMP.

Mr. Tumnus is attacking my girlfriend, Joe has shaded out on Maura too many times... and Superman + Lois Lane

Dan, I can see your brain from here.

Three's company, TOO!

Neo and Colin-o. Mauro... and Shad-oh. Cheers.

Take 1... and Take 2. Dan and Tim sorta look like a He-Man character I used to know.

He wore a Phillies hat on the day they lost 117-5. That's not a typo. I feel for him. Scottish reunion in the middle... and the gift that keeps on giving.

Yardley reunion. Continental Midtown reunion.

Dan makes the disgusting face, I try to make the disgusting face... and my beer has legs. What do you see?

And then La Cantina...

Awwww... followed by the birthday girls, and H-town's finest. ME!

Flaaaaaahn Maaaaaaahn... Sterling (like silver) and "There's something in your beard."

Strangers in the Night, Guy from Amada 1, Guy from Amada 2.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Say Muh Name Say Muh Name!

This is fun... you should do it. Can YOU name all 50 of the United States in 10 minutes? For the results of my geographical foray, and pretty much all the answers... click after the jump. Just remember, once a cheater... always a cheater. Now GOOOOOO!

Let's All... Go to the Movies.

The Simpson's movie should have been made like, 10 years ago, but here it comes anyway. At least I like their marketing campaign... and someone I know, a close friend... someone who's birthday was celebrated NOT on his birthday... might be able to enjoy these 3D sculptures long after the movie has left the theaters. And when the hell are they gonna make 3D movies for christ sakes? For a picture of the Silver Surfer making out with my girlfriend, click READ MO'.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Feelin' Nifty...

Do you like diner food/oldies/neonlights/milkshakes/paper hats? YES? Well get your ass to Nifty Fifty's. The rest of the clan is after the jump.

Me, Jolly, Chadderly, Amanda, Mike, Kevin.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Year of Shows...

The saga continues... and this wasn't even a definite. My co-worker went on this "National Treasure" like journey to secure his ticket to this "free" show LCD Soundstyem was putting on at the Sillimore last Wednesday (June 6, 2007). Why was it free? Click Read More to find that out and to see some blurry pictures.

Well, I do believe that Myspace has this new thang called "The List" and they decided to buy up all the tickets, place a large crane camera to the right of the stage, a large tv camera to the left, and probably a few more here and there. They also plunked down a rather large trakka-trailer out in the middle of South Street. As I waited patiently outside the venue for my free ticket to arrive (via The Shadow) a roadie, a priest and a horse offered me tickets. An expensive Irish car bomb (would it be wrong to start calling those IED's?) and a frisk or two later, we were secured in the rather packed house in the left hand bar.

I like the lead singer, James Murphy... I really do. For a picture of him that isn't blurry, click here. He's got great stage presence and he wields a wicked looking microphone. At one point he joined the drummer (aka human drum machine) and then screamed alot. He kept introducing his band which makes me think he just brought them along for the tour and does most of the work on the albums himself. There's a female asian keyboardist/back up vocal who really annoyed me. It had little to do with the fact that she was Asian and more to do with the fact that she couldn't sing very well.

Note to LCD... next time you're in Philadelphia, try not to sing a song the expresses your love for New York. I'm sure you know what happens now and you must have heard that small patch of ruffians. What did they do you ask...? Well, everytime the word New York was uttered, a wave of boos rained down on the band. There might have even been an E-A-G-L-E-S chant in there for good measure (Joe). Upon further inspection, one of the culprits was wearing a Manu Ginobli jersey, which pretty much makes him a racist.

So we left the show with an empty bladder and a free myspace hankerchief (thanks Tom). I don't know that I love LCD Soundsystem but they were enjoyable. Perhaps bearable is another word. I find that any normal human being can only listen to the word "yeah" being sung so many times before going deaf.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Do You Remember This???

Back in aught something or other at the University of the Arts, I created this animation for my multimedia studio class. I had become known as the "funny man," where my projects weren't the most earth shattering, but they made you guffaw or chuckle. Well, being in my rebellious state, I revolted against that "class clown" label and tried to make a serious piece. And I rendered the laughing audience unecessary by adding a laugh track of my own. Click on the image to be whisked away to another place, during the Industrial Revolution... where the need for Jesus and God to eventually help man has been replaced by the instant gratification of machines doing the work. I give you "Theresay: A funny piece."

Friday, June 8, 2007

Be Cool...!!!

I'm gone. I'm out. I'm outtie 5000. Enjoy your weekend. See you Monday! (thanks Em & Livie)

Thursday, June 7, 2007


There once was a man from Nantucket. And that man drew comics for a website called Phillyist. But that website had a change in management and started putting fine print on its sidebars and that man from Nantucket didn't know whether he owned his comics anymore. So that man waited, on his bucket until he had his very own webspace with which to do what he saw fit. So click on the "Scribbles" logo and you'll be whisked away to another world full of mostly outdated squiggly comics.

I Hate the Phillies...

I really do. I've been leaving work via 95 South on the nights I stay at Rach's... and I keep seeing these cars pass me at 100 mph filled to the gills with pre-game drunk teenage Phillies fans, heading to a night game. I hate them too. There's this assinine exuberance for the Phillies every season even though they continue to be avearage at best. Their first base phenom is in his sophmore slump. Members of the pitching staff, minus stud muffin Hamels, should be the creative consultants for the next "Major League" movie. The left fielder reminds me of AJ from the Sopranos, in that both he (the actor) and Pat Burrell (the real person) are a complete waste of life. Their shortstop is balding, which makes him look like a real life bobble head. Their skipper uses pogs to determine the batting order. I hate them all. I hate how the fans explode whenever the Phillies make contact with a ball. It could be the most blatant pop fly the world has ever seen, but they'll cheer and scream until that ball hits the glove of the opposition. Nobody knows what's going on. And they just keep buying tickets and going to see this inconsistent mess of a team. Phew! For really great photos of the amazing time I had at the game last Tuesday (11-5 loss), click Read More! or the Header of the post... THANKS!

Taking the elevator up to our seats, seeing Phil's brain, and Awwwwwwww.

The View, sans Rosie O'Donnel.

Connie Mac bar.

Two Testies, a lot of balls, and someone's mommy.

"We are the memmmmbers of, the all american league... we come from citiiiiies... near or far..."

"I think I can feel it swaying..." after the game and not paying for tickets ($45) or parking ($10) softened the(y) blow.

Proof that Joe's apartment likes other apartments of the same sex.

A muntant Newcastle on the back patio rounded out the night.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Look Ma... no steroids!!!

After a late night Wii'ing session at Dan's, my infatuation with WiiSports has been rekindled. Now I want to dominate the game to the point of insanity, claiming Gold medals in every training event (you can forget about platinum). This one in particular, the Home Run Hitting event, took me forever to get a perfect 10 for 10. I was stuck at 8 for the longest time, and I kept getting side arm pitches (UGH!). For at least one night of my life, I felt as powerful as Bobble Head Bonds, sans the "juice." Keep an eye out for a WiiSports profile, where I categorize all my point totals and medals in all the events (being that Nintendo hasn't done it for us yet via Wifi). As for now, I'm OUTTA HERRRRRE...!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Just Beat It!

On Friday, May 25th in the year of 2007, I headed to the World Cafe Live on Walnut just outside Center City, Philadelphia for a concert. The English Beat were in town, serenading hundreds of white kids (and dad's) with the reggae pop they've become known for. I drank two magic hats, threw 5 dollars at the saxophonist for a ride on the smile train, and took videos of my two favorite songs. All this can be yours, after the jump, Mon'.

Save it For Later

Mirror in the Bathroom

Friday, June 1, 2007


People are always typing to me and saying, "Where did you find that funny art piece? That's funny!" And I say, "You're an idiot. I made that." And they go, "No you dit-tant." And I'm like, "Yes I did." And they go, "Nuh uhhhh..." That's usually when I do a full out horizontal drop kick to their face. Anyway, I made this... and I hope you know who Hadji is.

Google Just Might Be Insane...

This is not a parody. This is real. Google is taking it to the streets.