Friday, June 15, 2007

We're Grad You Came...

They did it! They gradumicated from Temple University... and before entering that Real World, they decided to celebrate at the South Philly Tap Room. I can't plug this place enough. ConGRADuations to Rachel and Shelly. A bajillion more pics are found after the JUMP.

Mr. Tumnus is attacking my girlfriend, Joe has shaded out on Maura too many times... and Superman + Lois Lane

Dan, I can see your brain from here.

Three's company, TOO!

Neo and Colin-o. Mauro... and Shad-oh. Cheers.

Take 1... and Take 2. Dan and Tim sorta look like a He-Man character I used to know.

He wore a Phillies hat on the day they lost 117-5. That's not a typo. I feel for him. Scottish reunion in the middle... and the gift that keeps on giving.

Yardley reunion. Continental Midtown reunion.

Dan makes the disgusting face, I try to make the disgusting face... and my beer has legs. What do you see?

And then La Cantina...

Awwww... followed by the birthday girls, and H-town's finest. ME!

Flaaaaaahn Maaaaaaahn... Sterling (like silver) and "There's something in your beard."

Strangers in the Night, Guy from Amada 1, Guy from Amada 2.

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Dan Streck said...

Marty I never realized that you were a member of the Bloods. Hope you brought your ginger ale and marshmellows.