Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Look Ma... no steroids!!!

After a late night Wii'ing session at Dan's, my infatuation with WiiSports has been rekindled. Now I want to dominate the game to the point of insanity, claiming Gold medals in every training event (you can forget about platinum). This one in particular, the Home Run Hitting event, took me forever to get a perfect 10 for 10. I was stuck at 8 for the longest time, and I kept getting side arm pitches (UGH!). For at least one night of my life, I felt as powerful as Bobble Head Bonds, sans the "juice." Keep an eye out for a WiiSports profile, where I categorize all my point totals and medals in all the events (being that Nintendo hasn't done it for us yet via Wifi). As for now, I'm OUTTA HERRRRRE...!

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