Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sisk.. Boom... Blah.

So my digi-camera is broken. Somehow the LCD screen cracked and is now useless. Which means yours truly will have to guess if people or objects are in the frame. It also means that by a sheer miracle, I can remember the key presses to turn off the flash, but going manual? Forget it. Another problem is I downloaded and imported the photos that were on the sucker and didn't ask my comp to delete the originals. Now I can't clear the whole card, just any future pics I download and import. Using the tiny view screen is completely out of the question. The Photo aspect of digi has taken a serious blow my friends. Enjoy this video of Labor Day fireworks in Yardley. Note towards the end that the picture shifts a bit high, cutting off most of the image. That's me, guess-timating that I'm getting the whole thing, in the dark, with a sack of Kettlecorn in my lap. FACK!

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