Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mii...

Part Two of Super Martio Party is here. Click after the JUMP for more pics and movies. Oh... and by the way. NICE SPARE.

Ana does a Joe Manning impersonation. Kyle holds court with Dan, Squeex, Rachel, and Kirk. Jessie tries her hand at Wii-bowling for the first time.

I'm popular, the swing is popular and Chad is DEFINITELY popular.

Due to a severe lack of pong balls, and a four person elimination wii-bowling tournament, many people preoccupied themselves by flipping TEH CUPS!!! Those include Kyle, Jim, Cam, Dan, Chad, Ana, Kathy, Tyler, Me and Mii.

What's inside and has to thumbs...? ERIN! Along with Meg, Julie, Wes and the stocked spice rack. Tyler and Jessie are swingers.

I call this montage, "Where the Cold Things Are..." A northwesterly wind came over the party, causing those that weren't dressed for the occasion to scurry inside and watch the Phillies.

My main bitch with her best bitch. Her best bitch with her main bitch. Her best bitch with her main bitch and two other best bitches. Or.... Rach, Meg, Meg and Barry, Meg, Me, Erin and Julie. Thank you ALL for coming.

More pictures and movies are coming. I swears!


Anonymous said...

Who's the guy wearing the Martin shirt? I want to tap that man ass.

Dan Streck said...

"Dan's not wearing pants" how many times have I heard that...