Sunday, February 25, 2007

WarioWare, by Jack Handy

A co-worker recently asked me to accompany him on a lunch break in search of the elusive Wii. I had already purchased 3 myself, and figured some of that good luck would rub off on him. To GameStop we went, but ALAS, no Wiis in sight. So my friend decided he'd immediately purchase the four games he was going to buy once he did secure that rare prize.

Not actually owning a wii and owning 4 games is quite the problem, one I solved by stealing (borrowing) all four! In true nerd fashion, I invited quite a few friends over to try out said games. By the end of the night, the obvious stand out from the pack was Wario-Ware. Upon booting up the game, you're treated to hilarious cut scene after hilarious cut scene. When you enter a particular level, each with their own theme, you're called upon to hold/use the wii-mote in a certain way to quickly achieve certain tasks. One of the hardest tasks facing game designers, especially those those who develop for the wii, is teaching the user how to play without bogging them down or making them feel like they're back in grade school.

Here's a video showing the amazingly drab delivery of the holding positions for the wiimote, tutorials that hark back to "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy" skits on SNL.

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