Sunday, February 17, 2008

Who's Who...?

"I'm not sure how I feel about that movie (No Reservations)... yeah. Well it's got that guy in it... the one from the Sweetest Thing. What's his name?" I had no reply. I knew exactly what she was talking about, but it was like two worlds collided. "Thomas Jane," I answered... but wasn't sure. "Maybe its Aaron Ekhart..." but I wasn't sure about that either. The two men look similar but not identical, or at least not as identical as their so-so careers. But there is something so elusive when trying to discern one from the other in their respective movie roles. I challenge you to read the brief descriptions of movie characters played by Jane and Eckhart and decide "Who's Who?" in each role. Challenge one is simple: Is Thomas Jane pictured above on the left, or the right? Using google as an aide is pointless, you'd only be cheating yourself and the answers have been provided after the JUMP (plus challenge 2-9). Goodluck.

2. My shirt is black with a white skull printed on it. My wife and son were killed by a really lame John Travolta. I like guns and use them often. My name is Frank Castle, a.k.a. the Punisher.

3. I'm stuck in this super market while this foggy pea soup surrounds the outside of the store. Occasionally I tie ropes around people and let them out into said phenomenon, only to pull the rope back with nothing on it but blood. Stephen King named me David Drayton and put me in The Mist.

4. This movie hasn't come out yet, but you have to know about it from the death of Heath Ledger.I'm best pals with Bruce Wayne when playing Harvey Dent, but I'm mortal enemies with his alter ego Batman when I'm Two/Face. Dark Knight indeed.

5. Deepest, bluest... my hat is like a shark's fin. I know what sharks are thinking even though they've been genetically mutated to fight Alziemer's. An empty oxygen tank will fool them once, but not twice. LL and I save the day in the end while the entire rest of the cast expires in the jaws of a couple monsters. I am Carter Blake and you're watching Deep Blue Sea.

6. Did you see the part where I'm covered in Nicotine patches by a extremist group who hates my guts? Too bad my smoking habits actually kept me alive. Perhaps you saw the part where I banged Katie Holmes in my apartment? I'm a smooth talker who tries to convince the real Marlboro man to die rich... and quiet. I'm Nick Naylor and I Thank You for Smoking.

7. Julia Roberts plays a busty wannabe lawyer in this film with me. I'm a dusty biker who stays home and plays mommy while she's taking water samples. My motorcycle and pony tail, not to mention beard might make this one tough. I'm the leather clad babysitter, George, in Erin Brokovich.

8. There is something wrong with the center of the earth, so I'm hopping in a drill with a few buddies to save the world. Attached to the drill is a nuclear weapon that we, my scientists and I, hope will reactivate the earth's core. My name is Dr. Josh Keyes and this is The Core.

<<<>>><<<>>>Lightning Round<<<>>><<<<>>>>

9. I played Pvt. Ash in Thin Red Line. I played Todd Parker in Boogie Nights. I played Burke Hicks in Face/Off. I was the poor man's Brandon Lee in The Crow:City of Angels.

10. I played James Rethrick in the futuristic shoot-em up Paycheck. I played Nick Crozier in Any Given Sunday. I played Stan Krolak in The Pledge. I play a homicide detective opposite the dreamy Josh Hartnett in the Black Dahlia.

1. Left 2. Jane 3. Jane 4. Eckhart 5. Jane 6. Eckhart 7. Eckhart 8. Eckhart 9. Jane 10. Eckhart.

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