Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dennis Quaid... is Modernly Amused

and it wasn't because his new-born twin children were poisoned by incompetent nurses. No, its more because he's on 60 minutes wearing hip clothing from Modern Amusement. Why is this important? A few years ago, a former classmate of mine from Uarts named Hershel saved my life. He had a mid-mid-life crisis and decided to move to the West Coast, leaving an open position in the digital retouching field. He called me up and offered me THAT job essentially saving me from a dead-end career as a Super Fresh employee (sorry Anthony). Long story short, I'm in the field (finally) and he has a dream job working on skate-board fashion (sorta) in a place where its always sunny (not philly). Consider this post a digi-thank you, and an excuse to promote his personal blog, artraffle, which can be accessed in my "Friend with Benefits" sidebar under "King of the Jews."

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