Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Temple of Doom: Now Serving Breakfast!!!

Mmmmmm. If you find yourself in downtown Newtown. Downtown Newtown. Newtown Downtown. Whatever. If you find yourself there, and spy a health food shop, duck in so you can make fun of all the boxes with purdy pictures on 'em. After the JUMP are a few more products. And Indy... "Cover your heart!"

Perky O's is an obvious reference to hard nipples. And Good Friends high fiber cereal made me imagine two good friends of different races, pooping together and really enjoying it. Like those two gals are actually on the toilet when that picture is being taken, basking in the wonder of a high fiber diet. What did you get out of it?

It is my firm belief that Enviro Kidz will supplant the Burger King Kid's Club as the most bad-ass product pushing gang of teenagers this side of the Mississippi. And finally, the magic of Wizards plain biscuits is that all the gluten has disappeared. Ala Kazaam!"

1 comment:

DoggieDrops said...

No No, if you waited around long enough you would know that only those two women eat Good Friends cereal. If you yourself tried to purchase it you would have most definitely had your heart torn out by security.