Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Do You Remember This...???

A long time ago, I was commissioned to make a shirt (look right) as a prize for a beer pong tournament. I have a thing about winning back T-shirts I've created for contests, but on this night... there were two young gentlemen that would not be denied. What's funny is the shirts I printed on were incredibly small. We're talking jammies shirts that would accompany themed Underoos. The one guy, who I think had some serious elbow infringement issues, must use the thing to cover his dong. This may have been the last time anyone ever asked me to make a shirt for some reason or another. Beer Pong and Flip Cup at parties have since become "getting smashed at the bar" and then "sitting at home watching Nick At Night with a lite beer". I can't say I miss it. Okay, maybe the shirts.

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