Friday, March 30, 2007

Fit and You Know It!

Sometime next week, after all the candles are blown out and all the cards are read... I'll be 27. That is 3 years from the age of 30. How do I cope with this fact? I take the daily WiiFitness Age challenge. I guess you could classify this little diversion as a mini game from Wii-Sports, the Nintendo Wii pack in game that pits your Mii against three randomly selected sports challenges (baseball, boxing, golf, tennis, bowling). The lowest age you can achieve is 20, and as you can see here I'm well on my way after starting out in the upper 30's. What does all this mean...? Well, as long as there is a Wii-mote nearby, I will live 4-EVAR!!! (aslo see: Wii-Sports Experiment)

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