Sunday, April 1, 2007

I know this... Much is... Truuuuuue.

Back in high school, in a poor attempt to impress a classmate, I started a conversation about what "hip-hop" albums and bands I liked. One day prior, I was digging through my sister's CD collection and came upon EPMD's "Business Never Personal." So while he was rattling off the Ice T's and Cubes, Das EFX's and Erick Sermons, I hit him back with this: "I've been listening to a lot of EPMDawn lately." He snorted. He laughed. He guffawed. He asked me to clarify, perhaps thinking I had a slip of the tongue. I replied, with crystal HD-clarity... EPMDawn. You all know who P.M. Dawn is. They've set you adrift on memory bliss. They've told you "I'd die without you." Well who knew that my super innocent, white man nerd delusion would eventually become a reality. To find out how, follow the link below!

In the vein of Danger Mouse's "The Grey Album" and Silence Experiment's "Q-unit's Greatest Hits" comes DJ Maul's "Strictly Bliss-ness." The mash up of hard core EPMD hip hop with the romanticky R&B goodness of P.M. Dawn is being hosted on Idolator, but I can't say it'll be up for long. It appears from skimming the comments section that the creator has taken some legal complaints from one of the band's in question.

BitTorrent File for Whole Album Now Available here

And if you're not feeling the whole thing, download these. But don't take my word for it (bah dum dum).

1. Strictly Adrift on Memory Blissness.mp3

2. I'd Die Wit Out Jane.mp3

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