Friday, April 6, 2007

Ethan "EGG" Hunt...

Here is your mission... if you choose to accept it. Hidden within the vast exspanse of this website are the means to find digital easter eggs. You're getting older now, and some seem to think its inappropriate and downright creepy for you to be gathering REAL easter eggs with little children. Here's your alternative. Check high and low. Click every link. When you find an egg, write down its position (what post and where in the photograph, etc.) and then take all your answers and type them as a comment in THIS post! Winners will receive a very special prize (I swears) and will be the feature of my site for the day. Need help? Click after the jump to get a hint. This post will self destruct in... well, never. GOOD LUCK!


Dan Streck said...

Egg 1 - Header graphic
Egg 2 - Dharma Foundation
Egg 3 - A rooster laid it on a roof which side does it fall off of?

I searched, I did and am only finding the one, perhaps its neo, perhaps its jesus in egg form, but I have concluded there can be only one!

Dan Streck said...

OHHHHHHH Snap! found me a second Egg, yes thats correct, I'm sitting at work on this glorious saturday morning searching for eggs on your blog...I need a new job, one where I actually do something.
Location: We are the champions...??? pic.

Are there more? Am I going to spend more time searching? Does anyone besides me spend their weekends here?

These questions and more on the next episode of Maury.