Wednesday, April 4, 2007

It's Getting Late!

There isn't much time left. The Flyers have all but 3 games remaining in one of the most disappointing seasons ever. Last night's travesty in Toronto came at the hands of the referees (pictured right), after their phantom hooking penalty call on a Flyers forward. Instant replays show Jeff Carter possibly sneezing or breathing heavily in the general direction of Mats (plural) Sundin, who's errant stick caught Carter in the face just seconds prior. On the ensuing man advantage, Bryan McCabe roofed his slap shot from the right circle at 2:18 in OT, producing an ovation from the Leafs bench and fans that one should reserve for a victory in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Paul Maurice, their coach, proceeded to hit things on the bench in a tantrum of triumph.

Apparently there is some huge conspiracy that the NHL needs the Maple Leafs to get into the playoffs. This might have to do with the fact that former zamboni drivers and I are the only people in these United States watching hockey. What's worse? Well, not only are the Flyers really really bad, but last night their true arch nemesis, Martin Brodeur (slept with his sister-in-law) of the New Jersey Devils, tied our very own Bernie Parent for regular season wins(47). Now you ask, "What team faces Broduer with a chance to stop him from passing Bernie Parent's record?" The answer is simple. Your Philadelphia Phantoms... err, I mean Flyers. Sometimes I get confused. Last night, I could've sworn I saw Phlex take a regular shift.

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