Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Night at the Willow Grove Mall-eum...

It started off as an innocent night of having nothing to eat at my apartment, and nothing to do. So I picked up my life partner at work in the North East... and headed towards the Willow Grove mall. There wasn't a shopping list to fulfill or a particular store we wanted to hit up. It was just an excuse to eat crappy chinese at Master Wok... and then walk it off in the 3 floored mall. What we did find was a slew of really cool items that will satisfy ANY and ALL of those special nerds in your life. So please, READ MORE... see what I saw... and always remember, Ben Stiller sucks.

This gem was found in a hat store that wasn't Lids... but it was just like it. This is a step up from those paper hockey helmets they give out at games, but at a costly 40 some dollars. The chin strap is a really nice touch. What a night for head-gear.

This sweatshirt is just too amazing for words. Hot Topic has some primo-pop culture apparel coming out (more below). I love the Super Mario 3 instruction booklet art alot more than all this CGI 3D art you see of Mario nowadays. P.S. They had a t-shirt of Mario in the bee-suit.

I would never wear this... just thought it was interesting. Wii are the world. Wii are the children. Wii are the ones who make a brighter day, so lets start givin'.

My God... if you only knew. I had the action figures. I went and saw the movies, even the crappy 2nd and 3rd ones with Go Ninja Rap and time travel. I watched all the cartoons, even the crappy ones where Mikey stopped using his nunchuks and started using that turtle grappling hook. I used to lose my mind watching/playing the arcade game in Shakey's Pizza on Naaman's Road. I was a huge fan, and these are really really neat knit caps.

At sports and collectibles, there was a terrific buzz of activity surrounding a rather physically fit Philadelphia Eagle, and former Penn State alum/Outback Bowl MVP... Tony Hunt. Of course, I didn't know any of this until my contact at Penn State filled me in. So I took his picture on the chance that he WAS somebody... and eventually he might be.

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