Monday, November 19, 2007

A Year of Shows... Lazy edition.

A metaphor, if you will. Producing blog content is like stepping up to the touch screen at Wawa and ordering a Shortie Hoagie. Its warm and fresh and full of bits and pieces that are begging to be consumed. Posting blog content is like leaving the Shortie under you car seat by some strange twist of fate. The content, once topical and at least somewhat purposeful is now a soggy mess of untapped potential. Case in point... in the summer, I continued my one man onslaught on attending as many concerts as possible (within reason/expenditure). What follows is a slew of photos and videos featuring Rufus Wainwright, with special guests A Fine Frenzy and Neko Case at the Mann Music Center (after the JUMP). To see all the other shows I attended this year, put down the sandwich I subconsciously made you pine for and click on the MUSIC tag at the end of the post.

As we approached the Mann, my first time at the venue, the sky above provided us with the most beautiful cluster of cumulus. That civil sky turned rather quickly, and brought some of the most vicious thunder and lighting I've ever seen. Lucky for us, the Mann has a roof over the majority of its seating, and perhaps the man of the hour released some of his stars to decorate it. It is a WONDERFUL venue. There's something to be said about listening to one of R.W.'s quiet piano ballads, while crickets chirp approvingly in the dark around you.

A.F.F's lead red head doing her thing at the piano. Not to be outdone, Neko and her reddish mane took the stage (in a rather unflattering black dress) and turned in a strong performance. Rufus had multiple costume changes throughout his show, the first a flambouyant take on Beetlejuice, the 2nd consisting of lederhosen, and the third, a power-suit transforming him into Judy Garland. The bedazzled American flag, with black and white stripes was the perfect backdrop for the live recreation of his most politically and emotionally charged album.

Us. There are certain artists that have provided the soundtrack to our relationship, and Rufus is right up there. Oh, and apparently Brandon Flowers of the Killers fame is gay. R.W. went on this big gay rant about how "... it didn't work out... it just... just didn't work out" between the two of them before breaking into his song "Tulsa" which opens with the line, "You taste like potato chips in the morning." Don't we all...?

Neko Case - Star Witness

Rufus Wainright - Going to a Town

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