Saturday, December 8, 2007

Call it, Friendo...

I promised myself I'd never do it. There's been so many times and so many oppurtunities to do so, not knowing if the chance would ever rise again. But I said, "NO... NO, good sir. Its just too damn creepy". That all went out the window last night at the Hiway Theater in Jenkintown, where I stopped in to see No Country for Old Men. Alone. When I envision myself seeing a motion picture alone, it sorta ends up as a cross between Tom Hanks from Philadelphia getting blown at Stallion Showcase Cinema on 21st street or Stanley Tucci from the Pelican Brief feigning masturbation by taking off his rope belt and choking a chief justice with it. But I digress.

If ever there was a movie worthy of "making due" with the actions discussed above, N.C.F.O.M is it. Superb yet simple storyline, an all-star lineup... perfectly cast, violence and drama with a dash of humor, and one of the best characters ("Sugar" pictured above) ever to cross the silver screen with an air compressor, make this film a MUST SEE. On a side note, its end is peculiar and deserves a second viewing in order for me to pass judgment on the Super Coen-o Bros.' ability to finish their films.

For a synopsis, sound clips, video clips, Clipse, buddy icons and screen savers, head over to the official site. That is, AFTER you've gone to see the damn thing. P.S. after the JUMP is a trailer that ran before the movie that I'm dying to see.

There Will be Blood. Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead provides the soundtrack. Daniel Day Lewis owns. That silent kid from "Little Miss Sunshine" is in it, and should've stayed silent. "I can't keep doing this on my own, with these... people."

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