Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kick It!

On Sunday, April 22, 2007... the Lakota group, a team headed by John Dimino and comprised of students and staff from Temple University, held a kick-ball oriented fund raiser. Teams of students and anyone else who wanted to play (that's me!) hit the "turf" on Temple's campus with the money raised from this event and cookout, plus all proceeds from the Draught Horse fund raiser two days later going towards a trip the Lakota group is taking to South Dakota on the 19th of May. After the Jump, there's team names, photographs and movies of that most gorgeous day.

Here's the list of teams:

1. Team Kick the Ball Far

2. Love Harpoons

3. R.O.C.S.

4. Tuttleman

5. ATO

6. Team sloppy

7. Playground Legends (champs)

8. Temple Swim Club

9. Hooter's Hotties (see cheer videos below)

1 comment:

Matt P said...

Largest single piece of turf in the land right there. No seams on the whole thing.