Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Know You Hate It...

You hate hockey. Hockey told me all about it the other day in the cafeteria. That's fine... it is not for everyone... at least, in the regular season. But it crushes... and I mean it obesely sits on the head of any other sport in playoff form... and crushes the bejesus out of it. John Madden (not that one) is a forward for the New Jersey devils who said in an interview that only two months AFTER winning his Stanley Cup... did he get up in the morning and not feel like something was hurt or broken on his body. That's tough. Back in 1998, a neighbor got a playstation and the game we sat down to play that day blew my mind. It was EA's perennial NHL 98.... a game some people say to this day was their best outing. If that can't be said, we can at least agree that the video intro for the game is the best in the business. This was before CGI in game graphics or EMO bullshit. This gets me pumped. This makes me want to hurt people. People who don't like hockey. Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals betwixt the Ottawa Senators and the Anaheim Ducks, tonight on VS.

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