Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Everybody Scores... Wooooooo!

Carter, Umberger, King-Briere, and Simon Gagne all score in a horse-race of a first period. I had just called Carter a waste of life for the third or fourth time, when he netted his 2nd goal of the year/in as many games. Umberger gave the Canucks the finger (pinky) by scoring a goal against the team that drafted him. He never played a game for Vancouver, nor the hated Rayn-juhs before coming to the Flyers. Shortly thereafter, he had a sandwich named after him. One negative in the first was a power play assist by the Parent Trap, aka Henrik and Daniel Sedin, with Shannon netting the goal to make it interesting at 2-1. Periods 2 and 3 profiled after the JUMP.

I have a severe man-crush (orange?) on our Power Play. If you had watched even one game from last year's dreadful campaign, you would know that the existence of a dump n' chase on the PP (alot of bathroom humor here)is not a good thing. As Jim Jackson's moustache would say, the power play has "good puck movement" and "tape to tape" passing. Briere breaks into the zone like a young Peter Forsberg on a frozen freshwater lake in Sweden. His assist to Gagne and his top shelf backhander made me want to reach through the screen and choke whoever that doosh was that gave him a post goal cheap shot. It also allayed all my fears of repeating last Saturday. In the waning minutes, I remark to the wifey that "They need to get Lupul started, to get him some confidence."

Lupul scores to open the 2nd. Oh, and the Flyers chased Luongo in the first period and now make quick work of his backup Sanford. Scottie (doesn't know) Upshall sits in with Coatsey and Jackson (no Jonsey) for the 2nd period, and remarks that his bum wrist did not keep him from those important team building exercises. Knuble's mullet re-directs a pass from the point into the net for another Power Play Goal. We're leading 6-2 at this point, I predict some fist-i-cuffs. But then I remember the Canucks don't fight. K.B. with another assist to the Schnoz (Richards) a tap in goal, much like the one to Gagne in the first, and the score is 7-2. On a side note, cheap shot extraordinare Ed Van Impe apparently flew into Vancouver to take in the game.

Third period is rather ho-hum until Jim Dowd's black and blue line asserts itself. Jesse "bowl of rice" Boulerice was looking to turn the game into what a 7-2 blowout should be. His crosscheck to Kessler's face is the result, and somewhere... very far away... Steve Downie's left shoulder starts to burn. Jesse's gone from this game, and the stache remarks "probably more." During the ensuing major coupled with Timmonen's clearing gaffe, Richards breaks away from the pack with two men down and using his patented "I don't care" five hole move, nets his 2nd goal and fourth point of the night. Eager stirs things up in the final minute by bumping Sanford behind the net. 8-2 final with Biron having another strong game.

You asked for a complete game of hockey... 3 periods/60 minutes? Well, you got it. Oh, and remember last season when we hated the term "New NHL"...? What do you think about it now?

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