Sunday, October 28, 2007


And why you ask...? Cause there's a hundred freakin' shows that I want to attend in the greater Philly area. Following is a list of the venues, dates, and songs I have on my library that IConcertCal picked up on. Take a closer walk with thee:

1. Say Anything - House of Blues (Mon, Oct 28), Atlantic City NJ/ Crocdile Rock (Weds, Oct 31) Allentown Pa.
SONGS* Alive with the Glory of Love, Wow I Can Get Sexual Too

2. the Weakerthans - Troc (Mon, Oct 29), Philly
SONGS* Sun in an Empty Room, Night Windows

3. Annuals - North Star Bar (Tues, Oct 30), Philly
SONGS* Carry Around, Brother, Dry Clothes, Bleary Eyed, Ida My

4. The Go! Team w/ Matt and Kim - TLA (Weds, Oct 31) Philly
SONGS* Silvertiles

5. The Thermals - the Church (Fri, Nov 2) Philly
ALBUM* The Body, the Blood, the Machine

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