Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gettting You Ready for Halloween: Part 3.

What could be spookier than winning a mansion in some contest you never entered and finding the place busting at the seams with the paranormal? Why, finding out your brother, Mario entered the same mansion just hours before, and was never seen or heard from again. This is the basic plot of Luigi's Mansion and it goes to show, a world without Mario is a scary place. Just ask all those people that picked up a gamecube at launch way back when. So there I am, bustin' ghosts with Luigi and his 8 lb Oreck in attempts to pull Mario out of this painting/mansion. I haven't beaten Twilight Princess yet and I played Mario Strikers for about 6 hours total, so I really fear for Mario's life as far as this game is concerned. Is it wrong that I love, adore, and obsess about READING gaming info, but really can't find the time/motivation to actually play the games? I know Bobby can relate, and in honor of him I'll close with this: "so they packed up, regrouped, got a grip, came equipped, strapped they proton packs on they back and then split, but now about Viggo, the master of evil... try to battle muh boys? That's not legal! OH OH oh oh oh oh oh ((echo))".

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