Monday, October 8, 2007

King Briere shines, Flyers Fall...

Hit up the yoooo-tooobe video for highlights of Saturday night's game between the Flyers and Oilers. Biron was a wall in the first, keeping Edmonton off the board in a period where the Flyers were outshot 16-4. Briere is looking better and better in that Flyers uniform, scoring the best looking goal of the year... until he scores his next one. Sadly, the night belonged to two former Flyers scrubs named Joni Pitkanen and Geoff "I'm really fast" Sanderson. I hate Joni... I loathe Joni... and the fact that his stupid face scored a goal, albiet off of Mike Knuble, still burns like something I should see a doctor about. Tim "Itsa Meee" Panaccio is concerned that the Flyers are exhibiting all the troubling tendencies of last year's squad, which is even more alarming considering how much turnover the roster has seen in the offseason. I'm attending the home opener and game two at the end of this week, so keep your eyes peeled for Orange and Black related updates. To close, I have but three words: Jim Jackson's stache.

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