Thursday, October 11, 2007

Getting You Ready for Halloween! Part 4.

So last Halloween the wife and I were the 80's band, WHAM! What...? Did I get to be George Michael...? No, no, no... I was the other guy. Click READ MORE for a video of the real thing and let me know how my performance was.

I thought it'd be funny to have my girlfriend dress up like a man... well, a man from Wham! and that during random parts of the party, we could full on make out in front of people who are uncomfortable with homo-sexuality and play on the rumors and whispers we heard about the band for years. I mean, that'd be funny... right? Apparently wrong.

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Dan Streck said...

You best have gotten clearance to use this on your interblog, otherwise the stache may come after you and take you down in sports trivia...